Stable Suspensions For Comfortable Trips

If you’re noticing that your car isn’t riding as smoothly as it used to, it may be time for suspension repairs. When your suspension isn’t functioning properly, it can cause a number of problems including a bumpy ride, unstable handling, and uneven tire wear. At The Tire Shop (Olds) Ltd., we can help get your ride back to being smooth and comfortable. Our certified mechanics will inspect your suspension system and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. Whether you’re looking to add a few inches of clearance for off-roading or simply want your car firmly planted on the ground, we’ll take a look at your shocks, springs, and airbags to make sure they are all in working order.

Driving Ease

We provide your vehicle with better shocks and struts so it can endure more potholes on the road, making for a much smoother ride.

Improved Handling

We fix your vehicle’s suspension so it would be easier to steer and you always stay in control whenever and wherever you drive.

Vehicle Compatibility

Our suspension systems can be custom-fitted to any make or model of cars and trucks so we can serve everyone.

Let The Tire Shop (Olds) Ltd. Fix Your Ride

Say goodbye to a bumpy ride and hello to smooth sailing. Contact The Tire Shop (Olds) Ltd. today to schedule an appointment for suspension repairs. We’ll have you back on the road and driving comfortably in no time!

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