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Keep your car running like new with The Tire Shop (Olds) Ltd. We offer a wide range of services, from top-quality brake services to wheel alignments to suspension repairs so you can hit the road with complete confidence.

Our mechanics are highly-trained and experienced, providing you with reliable auto repairs for any damage your vehicle may have. Whether you’re looking for a quick tune-up or a more extensive and comprehensive overhaul, we can take care of it.

Our Auto Repair Services

Brake Services

Safety and peace of mind are our top priorities when it comes to your brakes. That's why we offer top-of-the-line brake services to help you maintain optimal braking performance.
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Suspension Repairs

If your car is feeling a little more bumpy than usual, it may be time for some suspension repairs. We can fix anything from worn shocks and struts to broken springs so you can get you back on the road with a smoother ride.
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Wheel Alignments

Squealing tires and uneven wear patterns? Your vehicle's wheel alignment may be out of whack. Our team of experts can quickly and accurately adjust your alignment to keep your ride smooth and comfortable.
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Keep Driving Smoothly with The Tire Shop (Olds) Ltd.

The Tire Shop (Olds) Ltd. ensures your safety and satisfaction when you come to us for brake services, wheel alignments, suspension services, and more. Our team of professional mechanics are dedicated to providing top-notch auto repairs so that you can have peace of mind while driving. Schedule an appointment today!

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